Llanelli and District Snooker League 19-20



New Rules

Llanelli & District Snooker League

New Rules with immediate effect for upcoming season 2019/20 Following AGM Vote

3 Miss rule
A miss must be called even if you are snookered, but only be put back twice.
After the 3rd attempt the cue ball stays where it is and then the player decides whether they play or put their opponent in again from where the cue ball finished.

Miss rule when a player requires snookers
Previously a miss couldn't be called if there were enough points to have a draw, this rule has changed and now a miss can be called.
There must be enough points on the table to win

League Rules
To all members of the Llanelli and District snooker league, with regards to the proposal and seconded motion regarding cancellation of fixtures without 48 hour notice at this year's AGM 2018.
The Committee have decided that the proposal that teams must turn up with as many players that are available? Even if there is only 1 player available will not take action this season.
Minutes of Special Meeting on the 4th November 2012
"If any team not giving the required 48 hours' notice to postpone games, the offending team shall be deducted 2 Pts and the game to be replayed within 14 Days, If not played within 14 Days the Committee would deal with the Matter".
For the new rule to take place the above rule must be rescinded in the AGM and then the new rule will be effective the following season.
The Reason of not implementing this rule is to stop teams being handed points which could result in a team being handed the title.
During the last Committee Meeting held on the 3rd September 2018, we discussed this rule at length and decided on the following
2018/2019 Rule Amendments

Kind Regards
The Governing committee

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