Llanelli and District Snooker League 21-22

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Miss Rule
Llanelli & District Snooker League

New Rules with immediate effect for upcoming season 2021/22 Following 2019 AGM Vote

3 Miss rule
A miss must be called even if you are snookered, but only be put back twice.
After the 3rd attempt the cue ball stays where it is and then the player decides whether they play or put their opponent in again from where the cue ball finished.

Miss rule when a player requires snookers
Previously a miss couldn't be called if there were enough points to have a draw, this rule has changed and now a miss can be called.
There must be enough points on the table to win
Matchroom Reds & Whites both home on same night.
These Matches will be 7PM Start

Note to all teams playing at SnookerWorld
There is a £1 charge in the car park, which will be refunded by Dai Luce at the bar.
Failure to pay and display will result in a £100 Fine


Match results cards
Please could all match cards be put on Facebook or posted.
Whats app and messenger will not be accepted.
If I have any issues with my phone (I will lose all Whats app and messenger photos)
Thank you


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